The Atacama Indoor Sauna (6 Person)
The Atacama Indoor Sauna (6 Person)
The Atacama Indoor Sauna (6 Person)

The Atacama Indoor Sauna (6 Person)

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Sauna use comes with many health benefits, which more and more people are experiencing for themselves. Detoxifying, lowering stress, lowering blood pressure, and encouraging relaxation are just some of the health benefits sauna use has to offer. We sell saunas, but we also sell well being. Below, you will find a list of the top health benefits of sauna use.


Our Mojave indoor sauna room is the perfect solution for customers looking for a at home pre-fabricated sauna solution. Our pre-fabricated sauna rooms come in a number of sizes suitable for up to 10 people. The Mojave sauna room is made from 100% Canadian red cedar sourced from British Columbia. Our reinforced glass is durable and the high quality painted aluminum  hardware and construction will never rust or wear. 


The following items are included in this pre-fabricated sauna room:


  • Mojave Indoor Sauna boasts a user-friendly control system with an advanced timer.
  • Constructed of an attractive and durable Canadian red cedar wood
  • Designed with a locking clasp system that allows for quick and easy assembly
  • Built-in  LED chromotherapy lighting
  • Tempered safety glass door adds a modern look and allows for a clear view of your outside surroundings
  • Operating temperature can be set between 67°F - 140°F (19°C - 60°C)
  • Plugs into a 240V connection 
  • 9KW Heater included standard
  • Dimensions: 2200*2200*2000
  • Everything pictured is included!
  • 70" x 62" x 82"