8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person
8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person
8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person
8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person
8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person
8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person

8 FT Red Cedar Scan Barrel Sauna - 8 Person

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Around the world, and particularly in Scandinavian countries, saunas have been used for thousands of years for their social and therapeutic benefits. 
Each Backcountry Scandinavian barrel sauna kit comes complete with either a wood-fired or electric heater, wooden water bucket and ladle, sauna rocks, a combination thermometer/hydrometer gauge, interior seating benches and lighting.

Our easy to follow instructions for self-assembly make setting up your barrel sauna a breeze. No special tools or carpentry skills are required and our instructions are written with the DIY customer in mind. All lumber pieces are pre-cut and complete assembly typically takes less than 3-4 hours. Upgrade your backyard or recreational property with the addition of a therapeutic Scandinavian barrel sauna. 
Our Wooden Barrel Saunas are available in a variety of sizes and in either Canadian Red Cedar or Nordic White Pine, and with or without a porch. 


The Scandinavian barrel sauna is held in place by sturdy stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners (see photos). This system allows the lumber staves to expand and contract to form a tight seal, and the unit sits on polymer support cradles that loft the sauna’s undercarriage, off the ground (see photo). The Scandinavian barrel sauna design is noted for its efficiency, even distribution of heat, and visual appeal. The front sauna porch creates a visually appealing and useful outside sitting area — a place to hold towels or drinks or to serve as a relaxing place to cool off between sauna rounds.


Our saunas are available in either Nordic White Pine or Canadian Red Cedar. The door hinges, heater, fasteners and bands are made of stainless steel. The sauna comes with a tempered and tinted full glass door with self-closing hinges. 


These saunas will heat quickly--to as much as 195 F (90 Celsius) in under an hour. Every Cedar Creek barrel sauna comes with a either a wood-fired or electric stainless steel heater, water bucket & ladle, sauna rocks and combination thermometer/hygrometer so that you may begin enjoying the authentic sauna experience as soon as the assembly is complete. 


Soft interior lighting, opposite-facing benches that allow bathers to enjoy good conversation, and a sturdy heater fence made from aromatic cedar or pine scents, all promote the authentically relaxing experience that is tradition in the Scandinavian sauna experience.


We ship our saunas all across Canada and the United States to sauna enthusiasts who enjoy the wellness benefits of heat and steam!


  • Pre-cut and grooved lumber, 1.5” thickness
  • 100% Canadian Clear Red Cedar
  • 9kw  ETL Certified electric heater with temperature controls and timer
  • Tempered and tinted full glass door with stainless steel hinges
  • Stainless steel bands, hinges, heater and fasteners
  • Interior explosion-proof light bulkhead (wiring should be sourced locally)
  • Wooden heater guard
  • Integral door handle/towel bar
  • Weather-resistant polymer support cradles
  • 2 opposite facing benches for sitting or reclining
  • 1 x head rest and 1 x back cradle
  • Includes wooden water bucket & ladle, sauna rocks, thermometer/hygrometer, and sand timer
  • Please note: Bitumen roof shingles sold separately as an add-on


  • 8 Person -- 6' diameter x 8' length  (72" x 94.4")